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English Roses Masters Water Polo


What is Masters Polo?

Masters water polo is simply water polo for players aged 30 years and older.


The rules of the game are the same with a few minor amendments – possession time is 35 seconds and teams in the age bands 50+ years and upwards play 6 minute rather than 7 minute quarters. Here are some of the FINA masters polo rules:


MWP 1 Age groups for Masters Water Polo shall apply for men, mixed, and women teams.


MWP 2 The age of the youngest member of the team determines the age group of the team. There are no restrictions on the ages of any players older than the youngest player on the team.


MWP 3 Age groups for teams are at five-year intervals beginning with 30. i.e. 30+, 35+, 40+. . . .


MWP 4.4 Women players may be members of men's teams.


There are well established European and World Masters competitions for men and women with teams from all over the world competing against each other, at venues rotating around the different continents. World Masters aquatic competitions have a fantastic atmosphere. Around 9,000 masters competitors take part in the 5 disciplines of swimming, water polo, diving, synchro and open water swimming. Players in the 60+ competitions are every bit as competitive as their younger counterparts.


There are currently over 100 women polo players registered with the British Water Polo League who are eligible to play masters polo. English Roses Masters Water Polo Club hopes to generate interest in masters polo among these players and other women and develop opportunities at home and abroad for older players to enjoy water polo and stay in the sport.